Peter Massam, Chairman

A wonderfully sociable game, tennis brings together all the qualities we cherish in a community - friendship, fun and a hint of competition - but most of all, the support of players and non-players alike who enjoy good company and making new friends.

Peter Massam, Chairman

The government announced the adjustment of lockdown restrictions mean that players can get back on court and enjoy playing tennis again.

Some of the guidelines for players include:

  • Take hand sanitizer with you
  • Take all your own equipment (do not share equipment such as rackets, grips, hats and towels)
  • Arrive changed and ready to play. Shower at home, and do not use the venue’s changing area
  • Maximum of two people per court (singles play only). Players can be from different households
  • The only exception to the above is where a group of four players are all from the same household in which case they can play doubles
  • Do not make physical contact with other players (such as shaking hands or high five)
  • Stay on your side of court and avoid changing ends, or agree to change ends at opposite sides of the net
  • Use your own clearly marked tennis balls
  • Avoid using your hands to pick up tennis balls that aren’t yours – use your racquet/foot to hit/kick them to your opponent or return them to another court

The fully published guidelines can be found on the LTA website.


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