Sarah Pipe, Chairperson

A wonderfully sociable game, tennis brings together all the qualities we cherish in a community - friendship, fun and a hint of competition - but most of all, the support of players and non-players alike who enjoy good company and making new friends.

This is such a delightful summary from Peter Massam, our previous Chairperson and so apt for our small club. Welcome everyone!

Sarah Pipe, Chairperson

Welcome to the new season of tennis. Please note the new code for this season for tennis court access changes on May 1 st . To re-join go to the website! We hope to see you at our Annual Social on May 12th, 4-6pm at the recreation ground. Members and non members welcome. See you there or on the court!


We’d love to have a tournament this season! If you are someone who likes their name on a trophy - the shields are amazing. It has been suggested for a ‘one tournament fits all’ to be planned. You can choose your partner or turn up and have a name pulled out of the hat. This will be a tournament where all ages, genders and abilities will play into the mix. We do need you to submit your interest for this to be planned and go ahead. It is likely to be in July or the first or second weekend in September. Should there be sufficient interest, details will follow. Should we be inundated with interest we can consider splitting into the usual events of men’s, women’s and mixed. All are welcome to play or spectate. Email:

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